Project catch-up

After a busy first half of the year, we want to wrap up some past events and highlight the upcoming ones. Our science has taken big steps and we are glad to announce that some practical steps, such as samples transfers to different laboratories are in active phase, meaning lab analyses are also ongoing and we are one step closer to our main goal – new knowledge.

The HEDIMED project profile paper got released in June in Environmental Epidemiology. We are also proud to share the latest scientific publications, some of which have gained attention in local press and international symposiums as well. In addition to these, several manuscripts are in writing phase, so we anticipate new data releases by the end of the year.  

This year, we formed two new working groups to facilitate our work forward.  Satellite Working Group aims to improved coordination of the usage of satellite data in relation to disease development in early childhood and has managed to make solid plans how to tackle the vast opportunities satellite data offers on an international multi-cohort level. Public Platform Working Group, on the other hand, aims to boost our public toolbox planning and execution. In the upcoming weeks and months, we will interview some key stakeholders to better understand the needs in the community and how our toolbox will address them.

Looking back to May, our community as a consortium enjoyed a long-awaited in-person consortium meeting in Prague, Czechia. The three-day meeting consisted of presentations, working group meetings and of a lot of informal programs with a great chance for networking.

To compensate for what we lost during the Covid-period, we are already planning the next in-person consortium meet-up in Malmo, Sweden in early December. The HEDIMED scientific management team has already started the organization with our top partner Lund University.

Finally, we also launched our HEDIMED newsletter, which is available for both internal and external readers. The first issue is available on our website and the second issue will be published during the fall.

HEDIMED is looking forward to the upcoming spring and will keep you updated on the key issues!

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