The Toolbox is under development. HEDIMED aims to create two different kind of platforms: The Research Platform for internal use of HEDIMED and The Public Platform.

HEDIMED research platform

HEDIMED Research Platform aims to confirm that high data security does not mean that the usability of data analytics tools for researchers should be reduced. HEDIMED Research Platform is developed as a closed environment analytics solution with a high security of data which at the same time maintains the local-like user experience for the researchers. The used concept maintains the single data owner siloed data privacy but enables the combined views for the data through data virtualization. All components of the system are built with open-source containerized concept supporting the reuse of them in future implementations. The user interfaces of the HEDIMED Research Platform are based on open-source tools from Rocker project Rstudio Server Docker images and Jupyter Docker Stack images.  


HEDIMED Public platform

The decision-makers can use the HEDIMED Public Platform to get information and to study selected data, project findings and simulations related to the exposome’s effects on the development of type 1 diabetes, celiac disease, allergies and asthma. The citizens and other stakeholders can similarly access the Public Platform to study and visualize selected data and analysis results.

The platform will offer resources for stakeholders, policymakers and the general public to get information, visualize and model medical and socio-economical outcomes and effects of the exposome on immune-mediated diseases. The platform is still under development.


Other HEDIMED tools

 The other HEDIMED Toolbox items include satellite image analysis tools for environmental indicators calculation based on street addresses,  Markov models for celiac disease and system dynamic models for Type 1 Diabetes. As well as physical devices for sample analysis