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Invitation to HEDIMED public platform development questionnaire

Are you interested in the exposome or immune mediated diseases?

Help us develop a TOOLBOX on these topics that fits your needs!

HEDIMED aims at assessing and addressing the impact of environment on health by investigating the role of the exposome in immune-mediated diseases. As part of the project, we are currently developing a web-based toolbox, or public platform, for different stakeholders, offering insights into the exposome and novel methods for the prediction of societal and health economic impacts of exposomic determinants on IMDs.

To better understand and identify the needs of the various stakeholders, we have formulated a questionnaire. Answering the questionnaire takes approximately 8-10 minutes.

All results will be anonymised and aggregated to build a few generalised persona profiles that represent the stakeholders which will contribute to the toolbox development.

Thank you very much in advance for your time!

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