Project Newsletter | Winter2022


Our consortium lead is delighted to see our committed partners spreading the exposomic message of HEDIMED! This October, the project received attention and interest in Italy, at the International Celiac Disease Symposium, ICDS2022. ICDS is considered a key forum for both the scientific community and the stakeholders, aiming to mainstream celiac disease research. Since exposome is a booming field, we’re happy to contribute to strengthening the knowledge around the topic and want to thank our partners in doing so!

Latest News & Science

Project meeting

A wrap-up of the recent HEDIMED activities has been published on our website. See the highlights of the project progress from the link.

EHEN newsflash

This news offers an overlook at what’s going on in the Human Exposome Network EHEN and get a recall of the most recent activities!

Scientific Publications

Our latest scientific publications:

  • Roslund et al. 2022. A Placebo-controlled double-blinded test of the biodiversity hypothesis of immune-mediated diseases: Environmental microbial diversity elicits changes in cytokines and increase in T regulatory cells in young children. Ecotoxicology and Environmental Safety
  • Wicaksono et al. 2022. Modulation of the food microbiome by apple fruit processing. Food Microbiology


Satellite data and health research

Why is the incidence of immune-mediated diseases increasing? What can we do to influence the epidemic? Check our latest blog post for the hypotheses behind our work!

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What’s behind the “epidemic of immune-mediated diseases”?

Why use certain study design? What are the pros and cons of different cohort types? Read our experts’ insight of the importance of cohorts in environmental health research.

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Upcoming Events

HEDIMED Consortium meeting, Dec '22

HEDIMED Consortium meeting will take place in Malmo, Sweden in 7th-9th December, 2022. The internal 2+1 day meeting will be packed with exciting science-making – news will follow!

EHEN meeting, 2023

EHEN network meeting will gather all the nine projects advocates and scientists to share their knowledge and  review the state of the science in Leuven, Belgium 31st June-1st July, 2023. More information will be shared to HEDIMED partners via e-mail.

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The European Human Exposome Network

Full summary of profile publications from the EHEN projects

The European Human Exposome Network (EHEN) is the world’s largest network of projects studying the impact of environmental exposure on human health. It brings together 9 EU research projetcs that address issues such as exposures to air quality, noise, chemicals, urbanisation etc. and health impacts. 

In collaboration with ...